Monday, July 18, 2011

Bookworm Deluxe Game for Word Making, Vocabulary Building & Educational Fun

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Bookworm Deluxe is the Word Game for Everyone!

In Bookworm Deluxe, it's up to you to click on adjacent letters in order to form words that can be "chomped" by the Lex the bookworm. But, If you use too many small words, burning tiles will appear and you must clear them before they hit bottom or the whole library burns down and your game is over.

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 A Great Way to Strengthen the Entire Family's Vocabulary!

This game is educational for the young and young and heart. Form words you never even knew existed and learn the spelling and definitions of rarely heard English words.
The longer the words, or more obscure the letters used in the words, the more points for you.

Get Addicted to Words!

In this "can't-turn-it-off" game, your brain goes into overdrive. It takes focus to see words upside-down, backwards, sideways, diagonal and any combination in between.
It's hard to stop playing once you start, but if you have to the game will save your progress automatically and you can return to your game with ease.

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 Two Game Modes Give You Options

There is the Classic Game, which provides a more relaxing gaming experience and also the Action Game option. In Action Game mode, burning tiles are dropped into the grid at an alarming pace and will burn through letters without any warning.

Lex is There to Help

Lex the Bookworm will make green tiles appear randomly. Using these tiles increases your word score.
If you make words using 5 or more letters, you earn a gold tile. Use the gold tile and multiply your bonus points even more.

Become Wise With Words and Move Your Way Up!

You can earn ranks and titles such as clerk, scribe, librarian and editor. The Hall of Fame feature will record your Top Scores, Best Words and Longest Words.

Challenge Yourself Over and Over Again

Play against or with friends or family over and over again in Bookworm Deluxe. It's fun and easy, but can also be challenging.

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 Calling All Word Game Enthusiasts!

Enjoy Scrabble, Boggle and crossword puzzles? Bookworm Deluxe is the perfect way to improve your spelling and vocabulary and have a good time doing it.

To download the Bookworm Deluxe game click on the icon below.

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